Why We Started OSUM Cabs

Having extensive experience in Process and Systems Analysis, Reengineering, Customer Service, and Operations, Henry Sorensen and Vinod Jayakeerthi saw that the current taxi aggregate model was not designed in such a way to remain effective, for all parties. Therefore, it became necessary to create a simple business model that not only provides better compensation to the drivers, but transforms the taxi aggregation industry into a sustainable commodity.

The Management Team

Dr. Henry Sorensen - Founder, Chairman and President

Dr. Henry Sorensen Ph.D. has been involved in creating innovative tools and systems that increase customer satisfaction and user experience in a variety of fields such as testing, application development, and outsourcing. As founder of Prov, Inc., Dr. Sorensen has been instrumental in creating enhanced business processes for various industries, by incorporating the latest technology, implementing process improvements, and creating advanced algorithms to detect process anomalies. As an IT Investor Dr. Sorensen is the Founder, Chairman, and President of Osum Cab. Unrest around the world surrounding existing ride aggregators highlighted the need to develop a product that improved the ride experience, while restoring both the dignity and paycheck back to the drivers. The vision behind Osum Cab is that a winning transportation service is one where everyone wins, rather than the aggregator winning at the expense of their drivers. Osum Cab’s approach is to use the best practices of typical ride sharing services, without the punative elements inflicted upon the drivers. When driving for Osum Cab, you keep more of what you earn, you drive when you want, and we let you run your business the way you wish to run it. To the passengers of Osum Cab, having a happy driver improves the ride experience, as the drivers are ranked in our system not on how much they earn, but on how happy they make you as the passenger.

Dr. Sorensen has a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and a Master’s in Business Administration.

Vinod Jayakeerthi - Founder and CEO

Vinod Jayakeerthi contributes from his extensive background in Operations, Business Implementation, Project Management, and has held several key leadership positions with Fortune 500 companies before joining Prov, Inc. Vinod has successfully implemented strategies for helping clients in transforming landscapes to fundamentally drive down costs using automation and artificial intelligence, and through leadership, created breakthrough innovations that transformed user and consumer experiences.

As Founder and CEO of Osum Cabs, Vinod Jayakeerthi has applied his expertise in Operations, Business Implementation, Systems Analysis, Customer Service, and Product/Process Re-Engineering. Vinod has been instrumental in building logical expressions, designs, and has also created advance algorithms with RPA to eliminate human involvement.