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Pick Your Driver*

As an Osum rider, you have the freedom to choose your own driver to create a driver network, and can use the same cab/driver to commute.
* Osum is not legally responsible for any actions prohibited by law.

Schedule a Cab

With the Osum App, you can schedule a driver anytime, anywhere. Once a ride is scheduled, the nearest available driver will accept the drive request. Changes to the route can be made instantly with no additional fee.

Added Security

Receive alerts to confirm your ride, pre-scheduled trips, and driver information. Share your security token with as many people as you want, and they can track your ride. Activate alerts during the ride, along with many more security features.

No Base Rates

With Osum Cab, there are no base rates or hidden service fees. Riders pay per kilometer, not per minute.

No Surge Pricing

Kilometer rates are set and do not change based on time of day or the availability of other drivers.

Cut Costs

With our pay-per-kilometer rate, you know how much you are paying. No surprise fees.

Extend Ride

Forget something when you reached home? There’s no need to rebook a cab. Just extend your ride, no hassle!

Pay Your Way

You can pay with cash, or use PayTM®, Visa®, MasterCard®, or American Express®.

Book in Advance

Osum riders can schedule pick-ups and drop-offs in advance for same day service or for a future date and time. You can even specify a particular driver, and if available, they can provide your ride.

Choose an Osum Drive

Ride with Us

As an Osum rider, you can rely on friendly customer service and ease of booking with any of our Osum drivers, or create a network of preferred drivers for your trips.

Security Escort

For an additional fee, riders looking to feel more secure during pick-up, drop-off, and en route can request an escort for the duration of their trip.

Save More

With our pay-per-kilometer rate, there are no surprise fees at time of payment. Know your fare in advance, without worry of extra charges. What you see at time of booking is what you’ll pay. Refer friends and family to Osum and receive instant savings on your next ride.

Safety First

Rest assured knowing that your Osum driver is properly insured and covered in case of accident or injury.