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Book in Advance*

Pick-ups and drop-offs can be scheduled in advance for later in the day, or during the week. OSUM Riders can also make you a preferred Driver in their network for pre-scheduled trips.
*OSUM is not legally responsible for any actions prohibited by law.

Cost Savings

Through the OSUM subscription, your insurance and fees are covered. No penalties based on ratings, no hidden costs. Your kilometers, your money. Kilometer rates don’t change due to peak times.

Schedule a Cab

Our OSUM App lets riders schedule a cab, anytime, anywhere. Changes to route can be made during the commute without additional fees. Accept a request from the passenger, and you are on your way to earning money.

No Base Rates

Rates are based on kilometers, not minutes. There are no base fares or service fees. Passengers are charged a 2 km minimum per ride ensuring you a quality fare, even if the ride is around the corner.

No Revenue Sharing

With an OSUM Cabs subscription, there is no revenue sharing. You earn it, you keep it. There are no commission rates or percentages for fees taken out of your earnings.

Refer a Driver

Refer a fellow driver for OSUM and receive savings and incentives off of your subscription.

No Equipment Costs

As part of the OSUM Cabs team, you will receive signage, and a GPS Device. For a discounted rate, you can purchase a credit card reader.

No Penalties

OSUM drivers are not penalized for poor customer ratings. With no minimum drive requirements, you can drive as much or as little as you need to.

Make Your Own Cab Service

Subscribe with Us

As part of the OSUM team, you get paid for every kilometer you drive for our OSUM riders. Drive as much or as little as you need. Receive your funds within 48 hours.

Earn More

With OSUM, there are no minimum rides required. You earn it, you keep it. Prices are set per kilometer, regardless of peak times. Refer fellow drivers and riders to earn instant savings.

Get Insured

As part of your OSUM subscription, insurance fees and coverage are included. Worry less knowing that you are covered in case of accident or injury.

List Your Car

When you subscribe to drive with OSUM, you will receive equipment, including: taxi signage and a GPS Device.