Subscription and Refund Policy

The driver subscription for OSUM Cabs is considered a monthly subscription which can be paid either at the beginning of each month. or on a daily basis throughout the subscription month. All drivers are required to maintain their subscriptions during the subscription month(s) in which they drive. A driver may request a refund of the subscription fee paid for each subscription month if he/she provides cab services to at least one passenger for 7 days during the subscription month. Once the driver surpasses the seven (7) day driving threshold, he/she will be responsible for paying the entire subscription fee for the subscription month.

A driver may request a full refund of the paid, but unused subscription amount if the driver has given rides on fewer than 7 days in the subscription month. What this means is that if a driver makes an upfront payment of the subscription amount, the refund would be equal to the total amount paid to Osum Cabs less the number of working days the driver worked prior to requesting the refund. However, once the seven (7) day threshold was passed, there would be no refunds granted, and the driver would be obligated to continue payment on the unpaid amount of the subscription until fully paid.

When paying the subscription fee on a daily basis, the monthly subscription fee is prorated over 26 working days during the subscription month in order to equal the total subscription amount. For example, the current monthly subscription is 3,500 per month. If a driver were to pay the prorated amount during the month, the driver would be obligated to pay 134.62 each day during the month until 26 equal payments had been made.

Subscription Month definition. A subscription month is defined as the period of time from any given day in one month, to one day prior to the same day the following month; hence it is a rolling month rather than a calendar month. For example, if a driver’s subscription begins on March 15, the subscription would be in effect until April 14 of the following month irrespective of the number of days that would be included in that rolling month.


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